Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Worst Trade

Here are the nominations for the worst trades including a draft pick from this past year:

Rose trades his 3rd and 14th round picks and Brandon Morrow
Mike trades his 26th and 25th round picks and Adrian Gonzalez
- Rose is up for nomination because Adrian Gonzalez is a 3rd round keeper. How stupid can you be?!

Doug trades Aramis Ramirez, Roy Halladay and 27th round pick
Seth trades Mike Napoli, Travis Wood and 5th round pick
- Doug is up for nomination in this one. Let’s face it,..Seth gets away with murder at least twice a year. Why would Doug make this trade? He lost his best keeper in Halladay basically for a 5th round pick since Napoli and Wood were never options for a keeper. Oh yea, I guess Doug already decided he wouldn’t return, so why not help a friend win his 3rd championship?! If we look at market value Steve D gave up a 6th round pick for two closers who he didn’t even keep. What would you rather have: Halladay for 5th round pick (who you can keep for 2 more years) or two closers for a 6th round pick (which aren’t even worthy of being kept)?


Sunday, February 7, 2010

2009 NGFL Top Players

I ran the numbers using our league data from last season to determine the most valuable players in our setup. Player values are shown as FWAA (Fantasy Wins Above Average). The FWAA for a player is the number of wins a fantasy team would have gained in 2009 with that player in the lineup, compared to having an average starting player in the lineup.
MVP: Albert Pujols 10.02 FWAA
2) Hanley Ramirez 6.07
3) Prince Fielder 6.02
Cy Young: Tim Lincecum 8.89 FWAA
2) Zack Greinke 8.44
3) Javier Vazquez 8.30
Rookie of the Year: Garrett Jones 1.85 FWAA
Silver Sluggers:
C Joe Mauer 5.56 FWAA (Sandoval 2.37)
1B Albert Pujols 10.02 (Fielder 6.02)
2B Chase Utley 4.06 (Zobrist 4.03)
3B Mark Reynolds 4.30 (A-Rod 4.21)
SS Hanley Ramirez 6.07 (Tulowitzki 4.46)
OF Ryan Braun 5.46 (Crawford 3.94)
OF Jason Bay 4.46 (Kemp 3.77)
OF Ben Zobrist 4.03 (Holliday 3.28)
TEAM MVPs (on team all season)
Steve D: Troy Tulowitzki 4.46 FWAA
Brian: Adam Wainwright 4.80
Seth: Albert Pujols 10.02
Dave: Joe Mauer 5.56
Jeremy: Dan Haren 6.90
Steve H: Tim Lincecum 8.89
Joe: Clayton Kershaw 1.76
Doug: Zack Greinke 8.44
Duke: Kevin Youkilis 4.01
Steve L: Kendry Morales 3.05
Pat: Hanley Ramirez 6.07
Mike: David Price -1.23 (I think there were only 2 players that stayed on Mike's team all season)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2009 Finishing Standings

Thanks Seth for pointing me in the correct direction to find the archived information about the league. Now we can carry over the waiver priority.

Keeper Strength

I figured that you guys are all dying to know what I think about your keepers so here it goes… This chart shows three different categories (I only focus on what I believe are your top 5 keepers).

The number values are base on a scale of 1-10. 1 being the low score and 10 being the high score.

The value chart shows how much you benefit from players that are low round keepers. For instance, a 15th round keeper like Braun has 1st round potential and therefore would have the highest value. If you keep a player in the 4th round but he would probably be drafted in the 6th round then you would get negative value.

The talent chart shows how good your keepers actually are. If you are keeping a potential first round player then that would give you the highest talent. If you are keeping a 10th round player then you drop down on the talent scale.

The overall chart is my creative calculation that combines the talent portion with the value portion. It is not an exact science but I thought I would share anyway. Enjoy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Why You Hate?

So here we are again. I want you guys to start to post on this site as much as possible. If you have any ideas for a post of your own then just let me know. I will allow you to have administrative rights to do so. Just make sure you bring it with some good material.

I would like to know if you guys are still able to vote multiple times? I made it so you have to sign into the site before you are able to view it. I thought that might make it so you can only vote once. But then again it might have something to do with using different proxy servers or something.

Just let me know if you have the ability to vote multiple times. It would be nice if I would be able to use the polls in the future but if you can still vote multiple times then there really isn’t any point. Hasta manana.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 Keepers (for 2010 Draft)

2007 Keepers (for 2008 Draft)

Hanley Ramirez – 15th round – 3rd year
Ryan Howard – 10th round – 3rd year
Matt Holliday – 11th round – 3rd year
Jake Peavy – 2nd round – 1st year
Chris Young (OF) – 9th round -1st year
Clay Buccholz - 15th round -1st year (not drafted)

Felix Hernandez – 3rd round – 1st year
Tim Lincecum – 15th round – 1st year
Travis Hafner – 7th round – 3rd year
Justin Morneau - 15th round -3rd year
Miguel Cabrera – 2nd round - 3rd year
Nick Markakis - 15th round – 1st year

Jose Reyes – 1st round – 1st year
Maglio Ordonez - 10th round – 1st year
Russel Martin - 15th round – 1st year (not drafted)
Eric Byrnes - 15th round – 1st year
Fausto Carmona - 15th round – 1st year (not drafted)
Justin Verlander - 15th round – 1st year

Steve H
B.J. Upton - 15th round – 1st year (not drafted)
Grady Sizemore - 5th round – 3rd year
Johan Santana - 1st round – 3rd year
Francisco Liriano - 15th round – 1st year
Chipper Jones - 9th round – 1st year
Chris Young (P) – 15th round – 3rd year

Victor Martinez - 6th round - 3rd year
Robinson Cano - 11th round - 3rd year
Garrett Atkins - 15th round – 3rd year
Troy Tulowitzki - 15th round - 1st year (not drafted)
Dan Haren – 8th round – 1st year
Jacoby Ellsbury - 15th round – 1st year (not drafted)

Prince Fielder – 2nd round – 1st year
David Wright – 1st round – 1st year
Jimmy Rollins – 3rd round – 1st year
Carlos Pena - 15th round – 1st year (not drafted)
Josh Beckett – 12th round – 1st year
Matt Cain – 15st round – 3rd year

Lance Berkman – 3rd round - 3rd year
Carlos Beltran – 4th round – 3rd year
Hunter Pence – 15th round – 1st year (not drafted)
Aaron Harang - 5th round – 1st year
Yovani Gallardo – 15th round – 1st year (not drafted)
Phillip Hughes - 15th round -1st year (not drafted)

Steve L
Alfonso Soriano – 4th round – 3rd year
Derek Jeter – 4th round – 3rd year
Alex Rios – 15th round – 2nd year (undrafted in 2006)
Ichiro Suzuki – 4th round - 1st year
Erik Bedard – 10th round – 1st year
CC Sabathia – 5th round – 1st year

Alex Rodriguez – 1st round – 1st year
Torrii Hunter – 7th round – 1st year
Chase Utley – 3rd round – 3rd year
Brandon Webb – 15th round – 3rd year
Jonathan Papelbon – 15th round – 3rd year
Ian Snell – 15th round – 1st year

David Ortiz - 1st round – 3rd year
Ryan Braun - 15th round – 1st year (not drafted)
Josh Hamilton - 15th round – 1st year
Cole Hamels - 15th round – 2nd year (undrafted in 2006)
Scott Kazmir - 15th round – 3rd year
Pedro Martinez – 14th round – 1st year

2006 Keepers (for 2007 Draft)

2006 Keepers

Jeremy “Living Legend”
T. Hafner – 7th
V. Wells – 9th
R. Howard – 10th
H. Ramirez – 15th (24th)
Jer. Weaver – 15th (F/A)
Reserve – J. Reyes – 3rd

Seth “Mr. Dynastic”
M. Cabrera – 2nd
M. Holliday – 11th
J. Bonderman – 15th (18th)
B. McCann – 15th (F/A)
C. Hamels – 15th (F/A)
Reserve – J. Lackey – 13th

Mike “The Wright Stuff”
J. Schmidt – 7th
J. Mauer – 11th
S. Kazmir – 14th
J. Morneau – 15th (22nd)
F. Thomas – 15th (23rd)
Reserve – R. Clemens -15th (17th)

“Beisbol Fun”
B. Sheets – 5th
J. Giambi – 15th (16th)
M. Cain – 15th (20th)
N. Swisher – 15th (20th)
N. Johnson – 15th (F/A)
Reserve – E. Encarnacion – 15th (F/A)

Steve H. “Jody Reed for MVP”
V. Guerrero – 1st
C. Beltran – 4th
G. Sizemore – 5th
F. Liriano – 15th (17th)
E. Santana – 15th (22nd)
Reserve – C. Duncan – 15th (F/A)

Steve L. “Reefer Madness”
L. Berkman – 3rd
D. Jeter – 4th
M. Mussina – 15th (16th)
A. Rios – 15th (F/A)
F. Sanchez – 15th (F/A)
Reserve – I. Rodriguez – 15th (15th)

Joe “Al Bundy”
R. Oswalt – 3rd
R. Halladay – 3rd
C. Delgado – 8th
J. Borowski – 15th (22nd)
B. Hall – 15th (F/A)
Reserve – A. Pettitte – 8th

Brian “Team Rose”
A. Pujols – 1st
C. Carpenter – 3rd
A. Soriano – 4th
Ch. Young – 15th (21st)
J. Dye – 15th (21st)
Reserve – J. Thome – 9th

Dave “Papi for Prez”
D. Ortiz – 1st
V. Martinez – 6th
R. Cano – 11th
G. Atkins – 15th (25th)
5. J. Zumaya – 15th (F/A)
Reserve – C. Meredith – 15th (F/A)

Chad “CavemanKiller”
J. Santana – 1st
C. Utley – 3rd
A. Dunn – 5th
B. Webb – 15th (16th)
J. Papelbon – 15th (21st)
Reserve – C. Zambrano – 6th

2009 Standings

2008 Standings

2007 Standings

2006 Standings

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Winter Meeting

Welcome to the Nice Guys Finish Last Blog!

I am a newbie to this thing but I think this could be a great tool to use in the off-season and also in-season. It can be a great place to post up rules, archive discussions and talk about things in the off-season. I am always looking for ways to improve the league every year. Let me know your thoughts and let the ripping begin!

Things to Discuss at the Winter Meeting:

· Vote - Keeping the minor league draft? If we keep it then the order will be selected at random unless someone has a better idea.
· Vote - Should keeper spots be traded? Suggestion: Trade one (max) of your 6 keeper spots? So you would then have 5? No one would be able to trade for more than one?
· Vote - Date and time of draft – Suggestions: March 20th or 21st, 27th or 28th
· Vote - Where will the draft take place?
· Vote - Franchise player? Forfeit a keeper spot? Player moves up rounds every year franchised?
· Vote - Increase pot? Raise league fee?
· Vote - Extend keepers from 6 to 7?
· Vote - Winner of the consolation receives an extra keeper?
· Vote – What to do about Waiver Priority? I did not keep track of this from last season. Steve H had #1 (I think)
· No Vote - Happy with trade deadline?
· No Vote - Are we happy with the limiting of in season limit of draft pick trading? Currently 3 in season.
· No Vote – Every team must field a competitive roster. Meaning that every team has to start a player at every position every day (this excluded the typical day to day off days for players). Commissioner will take over if a team fails to do so. This also includes the playoffs.