Sunday, February 7, 2010

2009 NGFL Top Players

I ran the numbers using our league data from last season to determine the most valuable players in our setup. Player values are shown as FWAA (Fantasy Wins Above Average). The FWAA for a player is the number of wins a fantasy team would have gained in 2009 with that player in the lineup, compared to having an average starting player in the lineup.
MVP: Albert Pujols 10.02 FWAA
2) Hanley Ramirez 6.07
3) Prince Fielder 6.02
Cy Young: Tim Lincecum 8.89 FWAA
2) Zack Greinke 8.44
3) Javier Vazquez 8.30
Rookie of the Year: Garrett Jones 1.85 FWAA
Silver Sluggers:
C Joe Mauer 5.56 FWAA (Sandoval 2.37)
1B Albert Pujols 10.02 (Fielder 6.02)
2B Chase Utley 4.06 (Zobrist 4.03)
3B Mark Reynolds 4.30 (A-Rod 4.21)
SS Hanley Ramirez 6.07 (Tulowitzki 4.46)
OF Ryan Braun 5.46 (Crawford 3.94)
OF Jason Bay 4.46 (Kemp 3.77)
OF Ben Zobrist 4.03 (Holliday 3.28)
TEAM MVPs (on team all season)
Steve D: Troy Tulowitzki 4.46 FWAA
Brian: Adam Wainwright 4.80
Seth: Albert Pujols 10.02
Dave: Joe Mauer 5.56
Jeremy: Dan Haren 6.90
Steve H: Tim Lincecum 8.89
Joe: Clayton Kershaw 1.76
Doug: Zack Greinke 8.44
Duke: Kevin Youkilis 4.01
Steve L: Kendry Morales 3.05
Pat: Hanley Ramirez 6.07
Mike: David Price -1.23 (I think there were only 2 players that stayed on Mike's team all season)


Jeremy said...

David Price was Mike's MVP. Awesome.

And you guys continue to shit on Reynolds. I would give him my MVP last year. Glad I traded Wright. I ended up able to start a 44HR guy and a 30+ HR 2nd baseman. You guys are in trouble when you face my offensive power in 2010.

Seth said...

My bad, I just realized Andrew McCutchen was on Mike's team all season. I forgot to look at the minor league draft.

So McCutchen was actually Mike's team MVP, with 1.12 FWAA.