Friday, January 8, 2010

The Winter Meeting

Welcome to the Nice Guys Finish Last Blog!

I am a newbie to this thing but I think this could be a great tool to use in the off-season and also in-season. It can be a great place to post up rules, archive discussions and talk about things in the off-season. I am always looking for ways to improve the league every year. Let me know your thoughts and let the ripping begin!

Things to Discuss at the Winter Meeting:

· Vote - Keeping the minor league draft? If we keep it then the order will be selected at random unless someone has a better idea.
· Vote - Should keeper spots be traded? Suggestion: Trade one (max) of your 6 keeper spots? So you would then have 5? No one would be able to trade for more than one?
· Vote - Date and time of draft – Suggestions: March 20th or 21st, 27th or 28th
· Vote - Where will the draft take place?
· Vote - Franchise player? Forfeit a keeper spot? Player moves up rounds every year franchised?
· Vote - Increase pot? Raise league fee?
· Vote - Extend keepers from 6 to 7?
· Vote - Winner of the consolation receives an extra keeper?
· Vote – What to do about Waiver Priority? I did not keep track of this from last season. Steve H had #1 (I think)
· No Vote - Happy with trade deadline?
· No Vote - Are we happy with the limiting of in season limit of draft pick trading? Currently 3 in season.
· No Vote – Every team must field a competitive roster. Meaning that every team has to start a player at every position every day (this excluded the typical day to day off days for players). Commissioner will take over if a team fails to do so. This also includes the playoffs.


Half Evil said...

The Patriots suck, so we should know soon what is happening with the winter meeting. I will continue to post more information on this site so check in every now and then.

Seth said...

Last season's waiver priority is still listed in the archived league under the Standings tab:

1. Steve H
2. Joe
3. Dave
4. Duke
5. Steve D
6. Jeremy
7. Steve L
8. Seth
9. Pat
10. Mike
11. Brian
12. Doug

Seth said...

There could be some issues with mandating that teams start a player at every position every day. There are instances where it makes sense to leave a position empty, like with short-term injuries and end-of-week strategic decisions, and you might be forcing managers to hurt their team's performance if they are required to play someone in every position.

For example, if my shortstop or catcher misses a few games with an injury but doesn't go on the DL, and I don't have a backup, I might have a roster situation where there is not a player I want to drop just to pick up one of the crappy free agent catchers or shortstops. It might make more sense for me to play with an empty spot for a few days or a week than to drop a player who could help my team in the long run.

Or there is also the strategic scenario at the end of a week when most of the R/HR/RBI/SB categories have been locked up but AVG/OBP/SLG are still close. You might determine your best move is to bench a couple of your weakest hitters and leave their positions empty. It would suck if this was against the rules and it caused you to lose a category or two. People make these decisions all the time with their pitchers at the end of the week. They might have W and K locked up and decide to sit their starters. There is no rule that you have to start all of your pitchers, nor should there be because sitting them is often the best move for your team's success, just as sitting some of your hitters might be the best decision on occasion.

I guess you could mandate a minimum number of at bats or games played each week for hitters, similar to the IP minimum, but doing more than that could create issues.