Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Worst Trade

Here are the nominations for the worst trades including a draft pick from this past year:

Rose trades his 3rd and 14th round picks and Brandon Morrow
Mike trades his 26th and 25th round picks and Adrian Gonzalez
- Rose is up for nomination because Adrian Gonzalez is a 3rd round keeper. How stupid can you be?!

Doug trades Aramis Ramirez, Roy Halladay and 27th round pick
Seth trades Mike Napoli, Travis Wood and 5th round pick
- Doug is up for nomination in this one. Let’s face it,..Seth gets away with murder at least twice a year. Why would Doug make this trade? He lost his best keeper in Halladay basically for a 5th round pick since Napoli and Wood were never options for a keeper. Oh yea, I guess Doug already decided he wouldn’t return, so why not help a friend win his 3rd championship?! If we look at market value Steve D gave up a 6th round pick for two closers who he didn’t even keep. What would you rather have: Halladay for 5th round pick (who you can keep for 2 more years) or two closers for a 6th round pick (which aren’t even worthy of being kept)?