Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Worst Trade

Here are the nominations for the worst trades including a draft pick from this past year:

Rose trades his 3rd and 14th round picks and Brandon Morrow
Mike trades his 26th and 25th round picks and Adrian Gonzalez
- Rose is up for nomination because Adrian Gonzalez is a 3rd round keeper. How stupid can you be?!

Doug trades Aramis Ramirez, Roy Halladay and 27th round pick
Seth trades Mike Napoli, Travis Wood and 5th round pick
- Doug is up for nomination in this one. Let’s face it,..Seth gets away with murder at least twice a year. Why would Doug make this trade? He lost his best keeper in Halladay basically for a 5th round pick since Napoli and Wood were never options for a keeper. Oh yea, I guess Doug already decided he wouldn’t return, so why not help a friend win his 3rd championship?! If we look at market value Steve D gave up a 6th round pick for two closers who he didn’t even keep. What would you rather have: Halladay for 5th round pick (who you can keep for 2 more years) or two closers for a 6th round pick (which aren’t even worthy of being kept)?



Jeremy said...

I vote for B

Dave said...

B is absolutely disgusting. At least Brian's trade was of fair value.

Jeremy said...

Great! looks like the comments are finally working!

Brian said...

For the record, I never had any intention of keeping A-Gone. I'm not really a fan. I just knew that Mike was firesaling, needed a power guy, and most importantly didn't want anyone else to get him.

Plus, in case anyone didn't notice last year...fuck draft picks. They mean shit. Took 1st place in the reg season in somewhat of a re-building year!